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ASME Training : Bolt Qualification “New” Program

Industry has experienced subsea equipment failures with bolts.  The BSEE link highlights the work conducted industry related to such failures.

Bolting integrity and competency of technicians  for all subsea and surface application  flanges has been raised as a major issue in recent years. Understanding the quality of bolting materials and associated torque preloads required to meet pressure and tension /bending limits are essential to any flange connection.  Improved quality, reliability , integrity and Safety through Training and improved competency.

ASME recently developed a   “Training” program for bolting and can be referenced at :

The Training program may offer additional quality assurance to achieving bolt integrity to your next project.  Both links offer access to value resource data for this topic.


  1. Melissa Beck Melissa Beck
    August 23, 2016    

    Nice article

  2. August 23, 2016    

    Thanks Melissa for the comment.

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