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DeepMar Consulting brings extensive understanding of the subsea business. We are ready to help you evaluate project scope, identify risk challenges, and recognize opportunities to create value and efficiency in your project. We are ready to help you with each phase of the project and can engage with your team in short durations with high-value input, increasing your efficiency and cutting costs.

Concept Phase


Concept Phase

You know that detailed front-end planning is vital to the overall success of any project. DeepMar Consulting can assist you in identifying opportunities earlier rather later when costs for change are higher and the ability to influence design is limited. Our experienced personnel offer “first hand” industry knowledge. By engaging DeepMar Consulting at discrete phases of the project, you can take advantage of both tactical and strategic opportunities, reduce risk, and deliver safe, reliable and efficient project execution plans.

See below for some of the specific services DeepMar Consulting offers you during the Concept Phase of the project.


  • Identify value-add opportunities and tradeoffs early
  • Integrate both tactical and strategic technical and operational tradeoffs
  • Establish fit-for-purpose acceptance and delivery packages
  • Qualification testing and simulation / validation and verification process
  • Benchmark with other projects in industry

Concept Selection Process

  • Develop realistic operational timelines and sequences
  • Develop project execution plans and project schedules
  • Identify risk-reward tradeoffs

FEED Scope (typical)

  • Support the development of systems basis of design and functional definition sheets with equipment requirements
  • Create safety strategy documents linked to client operational philosophies and risk profiles
  • Evaluate fit-for-function components and sub-systems
  • Review & recommend analysis scope and objectives with operational load cases and weak point assessment
  • Review the control system for topsides and subsea design and architecture
  • Evaluate the marine vessel’s capability for scope of operations
  • Scope supply and evaluate new and used equipment performance capacities versus application
  • Create/manage document register
  • Help create interface matrix and management plan
  • Review quality plans and ITPs (inspection testing plans)
  • Help create the initial operability management plan

Design / Build

As an independent consulting service, we offer a non-biased perspective to both technical and operational assurance at the contract, design, and build phase. Our knowledge and experience helps you create commercial strategies with the right balance of risk and reward. Defining the design and incorporating specific functional requirements on the front end of the contract reduces change later and improves cost and schedule risks. We help establish proper levels of quality assurance and control to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions while maintaining highest reliability and availability. We integrate the proper balance of design and operational functionality to ensure procedures are aligned with the overall operability plan.

See below for some of the specific services DeepMar Consulting offers you during the Design/Build Phase of the project.


  • Monitor vendors to ensure established industry codes and standards are integrated within the design process
  • Coordinate proper material integrity for application
  • Evaluate vendor testing methods to ensure proper alignment with offshore conditions and simulation of loads
  • Develop and manage integrated internal and external interface definition and closure
  • Interface Engineering with MODU or vessel
  • Define initial operability management plan definition
  • Use Hazid/Hazop and procedure simulation process to ensure design is fit for function


  • Manage vendor on site to ensure delivery per contract
  • Oversee vendor schedule, monitor resources, and build a strategy plan in order to execute on schedule
  • Create project execution plans and project schedules
  • Work with client to establish appropriate acceptance standards
  • Review quality plans and ITPs (inspection testing plans)

Reporting and Cost Control/ Monitoring

  • Monitor project management
  • Ensure surveillance of primary and secondary vendor  quality and status update
  • Create and manage document register
  • Create interface matrix and management plan

Install / Commission

DeepMar Consulting works with you to create and support the execution of the installation and commissioning phase of the project. DeepMar can recommend improved efficiency opportunities and testing methods and incorporate the results of Hazid/Hazops and FMECAs into operational procedures and check points. Such information is typically communicated months in advance of an offshore operation to the site management and operational teams. This process ensures feedback from operations, safety, and project objectives are aligned at the appropriate risk level. In addition we help you stay on top of regulatory requirements and by encouraging a culture of continuous improvement and optimization, we bring exceptional value to your project.

See below for some of the specific services DeepMar Consulting offers you during the Install/Commission Phase of the project.

Selected Activities
  • Compare operational plans to the predicted model
  • Create detailed procedures and plans
  • Provide technical and operational support and consultation
  • Monitor operational limits and alignment with fit-for-function performance levels
  • Track cost and field downtime issues
  • Provide procedural adjustments and improvements
  • Develop handover documentation
  • Provide end-of-well reporting

Life of Field / Subsea Intervention Support

Once the project is installed and commissioned, DeepMar Consulting can help smooth communication and handover to the asset team, facilitate information exchange, and manage data for future well intervention services. We also work with key vendors to ensure training and readiness levels meet expectations. As the field matures, conditions change, and these conditions may not be part of the original intervention plan. We work with your team to identify long lead items and help prepare technical and operational readiness packages to reduce your cycle time from well shut-in to back on production. We closely monitor changes in market conditions and support tool readiness and availability. This enables the asset team to react quickly to unplanned changes in production.

Selected Activities
  • Monitor industry trends and vessel and equipment readiness levels
  • Evaluate new technology solutions
  • Track production trends and forecast types of intervention operations to maintain a focus on the proper value-based drivers to promote faster cycle time from shut in to back on production
  • Provide technical and operational support
  • Track cost and field downtime issues
  • Monitor vessel cost, overall cost, and availability of services

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